Why choose an apprenticeship over university?

24 April 2015 | Courtney Gavin

As students prepare to leave school, they face one of the most important decisions of their lives: what to do next. For some, the decision is easy but for many school leavers, the decision can be daunting, and weighing up...


Customer engagement through geolocation

21 April 2015 | Shaun Barrio

One of the biggest digital trends over the last decade has been the change in the way we are consuming data. Advancements in technologies such as mobile telecommunications and portable devices have given us the ability to easily access data...


Google update - Are you ready for April 21st?

17 April 2015 | Chris Hodgen

As most of you know, Google is constantly developing its algorithms to make sure it’s customers are getting the best results for their search query. Traditionally that has been mainly focused on desktop devices. This is set to change at...


The Accidental Street Photographer

16 April 2015 | Mark Holland

As a photographer my passion lies in the studio. I control the light, the surroundings, the setup. Basically, I’m in control of everything. That’s the way I like it. When I’m out of the studio however, I love travelling, walking,...