Absolute 100%

19 March 2015 | Simon Allman

Some creative agencies specialise in web design and may try their hand at print. Others prefer to concentrate purely on the art of graphic design and occasionally have a dabble in the world of advertising. More than often, the brilliant...


The Importance of Brand Guidelines

17 March 2015 | Dan Kinsella

Brand guidelines are a guide to how a business communicates to their consumers. It’s a style guide, containing standards on how to use the design elements of a company’s brand. The reason for their existence is to ensure complete uniformity...


Why choose Magento for your e Commerce website?

10 March 2015 | Byju John

For an online business, it is important to choose an eCommerce platform very carefully. It can be extremely difficult to choose the appropriate solution considering the vast amount of options available on the market nowadays. A quick google search for...


A good online presence requires a great offline personality

03 March 2015 | Mel Yates

As an integrated agency here at Absolute, we know and value the importance of creating a lasting impression for our clients. In a predominantly digital world, the value of a printed piece of design sometimes gets overlooked, but the value...