creative agency internship
21 / 03 / 2017

Finding my Feet


Mel Yates




Walking into the studio on my first day I was taken by surprise at how big it was. With its own photography studios and both pool table and ping pong rooms, it looked like somewhere I was going to enjoy my time. During my 6 weeks here I learned to take my ideas further, and that the design process needs to be just as strong from researching, to initial vision right up to the final art direction. This is something I knew I needed to work on, so the opportunity to soak up as much knowledge as I could from the Absolute team has been great and I have learnt skills which should help me stroll through my final year at uni.

I have had a lot of fun over my 6 weeks working and have managed to be part of several exciting projects, I’ve spent time coming up with initial ideas for Bamboo, Duel Denim and some content for Absolute themselves. I also got to work on a few photoshoots even starring in one myself in ridiculous 80’s style pants and cuban heels (not a good look!).

I’ve had a great time at Absolute learning everything about design and craft alongside which the best chippy in Horwich is and just how poor I really am at pool (Mel beat me, twice). I am now leaving Absolute with a stronger insight into what makes a great creative and hopefully by the time I leave I’ll have the world at my feet. 

creative agency internship from uclan