Hari, creative intern at Absolute
30 / 11 / 2017

Oh, hi Hari


Rebecca Holden




A first glimpse into real studio life and early morning get ups, our latest intern from UCLan is Hari, a third year graphic design student. Let’s see how he’s been getting on…

How did you find yourself at Absolute?

I was looking for my first placement and I saw Mel’s contact details on the UCLan site so I sent her an email. I hadn’t heard about the agency before but it was good to see it was close to home. I was invited for interview to show my portfolio and they offered me an internship!

What have you been working on?

They got me straight onto a fashion project which was great. It’s a catalogue for Westford Mill, part of Beechfield Brands and involved a day-long photo shoot and the design of a 68 page catalogue - when I started in the studio they had just begun the planning. And now I’m working on the Oliver Jackson website - I’ve done so much since I’ve been here.

What do you like most about graphic design?

I love the whole creative process – but mostly coming up with ideas and getting them across in a simple and creative way.

A bit of a dude, it’s clear to see that Hari has style (no pun intended), so tell us Hari, what brands would you love to work on?

I do love fashion! I would love to work with brands such as Nike. As well as being a sports brand, they appeal to many other audiences. The Nike Air posters are something I always admire, hopefully one day I’ll play a part in what they do.

Has anything surprised you in your first month of work?

Yes. I wasn’t really prepared for the pace of work. When I first visited, the studio seemed really relaxed but I didn’t realise how quickly they got through jobs. I have been used to spending three months on a project and taking my time, but here there is so much to do and the deadlines come around quickly. Also, I’ve learnt a lot about the creative process, understanding client requirements and working within those requirements.

What have you enjoyed most about Absolute?

The photo shoot days, especially being part of the process from the initial idea, right through to print.

What haven’t you enjoyed as much?

The early mornings have been a bit of a shock. I’m always up late at night, at least til 1am, so the first week was tough - my body clock was completely out of sync.

What’s next for you Hari?

I’ll be looking for my next internship after Christmas. I also work at Curry’s so I’ll be taking on more shifts in the run up to Christmas and then hopefully have a bit of a break. In the long term I’d love to work here again – it’s a brilliant environment.