Five sports photographers you should know about

Five sports photographers you should know about - Dustin Snipes

As designers and photographers, we spend a lot of time looking for visual inspiration. You never know where you’re going to find it but the internet is a big place and with sites like and portals like the Behance network, there’s always new stuff to stumble across.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of sports photography research and rather than keep my findings to myself, I thought I’d share them on here. Here are five photographers whose sports work blew me away.

Corey Jenkins

Corey is a young American photographer based in San Diego. I think I’m right in saying he’s not long out of college (I hope I’ve not got that wrong) and his work is epic. Full of grit, drama and power. I particularly like a series of portraits he’s created showing athletes before and after a training session.

Dustin Snipes

Again another young gun, Dustin is an award-winning sports and portrait photographer. He’s LA based and has a combination of studio and location based work, all of which is awesome.

Guy Farrow

No sports photography listing would be complete without mentioning Guy. A good friend of Absolute and a talent we’ve worked with in the past. His work in sports (and beyond) just keeps getting better and better.

David Clerihew

David has been in the game for quite a while and his portfolio certainly reflects that. Shooting for the biggest brands in the world and pointing his camera at some of the most famous athletes alive. That said however, his work still retains a level of simplicity. Whilst a lot of sports photography aims to make athletes look like super-humans, a lot of David’s work shows that they’re also very human.

Paul Calver

Paul is a sports and documentary photographer whose work is as much about story and location as it is about the athletes themselves. He also keeps a nice Tumblr diary of the shoots he’s working on and locations he’s visited, which is well worth a look.