Shooting with Swifty Scooters

As creatives we always talk about the importance of collaboration. It’s about getting together with people who have different talents to create something you could never have done on your own.

One such project that we’ve recently been involved with was a video shoot with Swifty Scooters. The aim was to capture the exhilarating feeling of scooting through a busy city centre. At Absolute, we’ve got the gear and the expertise to tell stories and capture emotion through film-making, but doing this at high speed in the middle of Manchester came with it’s own set of problems. How do you keep up with someone on a scooter? In a car? Maybe (we did a bit of that). But what about where there are no roads? Perhaps a multi-million dollar track and rigging system that Ridley Scott might use? Or how about the new SwiftyCargo.

Jason and Tom from Swifty came up with the answer and at the same time began the development of a potential new product. SwiftyCargo is a cross between a scooter, a wheelbarrow and a pram. And it’s a lot of fun to ride in. So that was that. We spent the day being pushed around, chasing scooters, getting a lot of strange looks and proving that often, collaboration is the only way to achieve what you set out to achieve.

The shoot took us from Salford to Trafford Park to Castlefield and to Spinningfields. Luckily the weather held out and it was an altogether great day. Special thanks to our two excellent models of course, Paul and Cally.

Here’s a selection of BTS shots from the day and a little teaser snippet of some of the footage we got.