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Yes, we build great websites. But as a research-led digital agency, that only scratches the surface of what we do. Our talented team specialise in gathering vital digital marketing insights which then inform both strategic and design decisions throughout the remainder of the process. We find this approach allows us to ensure any digital campaign is a successful one.

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Working out of our studios at The Chapel in Bolton, just north west of Manchester, our experienced team provide a full range of digital services.

Introducing a CMS that gives you
Absolute Control

A well-maintained website will live and grow. Gradual development will help it to continue to excel, giving your digital home a much longer lifespan. That’s why we created Absolute Control. It allows our clients to manage their content with ease, helping them to be hands-on with their website, without a steep learning curve.

Absolute Control is built in an open-source PHP framework called Laravel. Its core environment can be tailored, so it only has the specific content models that you need. This cuts out all the confusion, unnecessary clutter and generic terminology used in mass-market solutions. It’s also far less likely to be targeted by hackers than generic CMS solutions.

Our library of Control Packages allow you to add extra functionalities, as and when you need them. And all are maintained and updated when new features are released. We’re developing new packages all the time and can build bespoke packages if you have any special requirements. One of the fundamental ideas behind Absolute Control is ensuring that your content remains independent from design and is stored separately. This gives you unrivalled creative freedom in your web design, as there are no set templates or other restrictions imposed.

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We also appreciate that a more off-the-shelf solution may be required on occasion, or perhaps there’s already a content management system you know and love. No problem, our digital team are experienced across a number of market leading platforms, and in particular those listed below.