Digital Strategy

As with anything in life, you need to plan for success – and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to a successful digital strategy. That’s why at Absolute we spend so much time on digital research, to make sure we have the insights that allow us to create a research-driven digital strategy which is built to get the best results for your business today – but is also future-proofed and able to evolve with both technology and market changes.

Stakeholder research
and customer insights

Although we’re talking about digital and technology, it’s vital we don’t forget people. By conducting our own unique digital workshops, which we’ve been developing for 17 years, we can gain insights and develop personas by speaking to your target audiences face-to-face, and build a clear picture of exactly what information they want online, how they want to access it and what they want to do with it.

Whether we’re designing a new website, developing a bespoke web solution, helping businesses diversify into or improve their ecommerce offering, getting businesses found online through search engine optimisation or pay per click advertising, or implementing social media campaigns, we don’t start anything until we’re confident we understand your business, customers, competitors and market.

Detailed website audit
and competitor analysis

We also carry out thorough website audits to take stock of what content you’ve already got and how it’s working for you, as well as competitor analysis to work out what you’re up against and define useful benchmarks.

The whole process of carrying out all of this research can be days, if not weeks, of work – but the results are invaluable in shaping meaningful and creative digital campaigns that make a real impact.

Information architecture
and user journey mapping

When you have a wealth of great content, ideas, products, services and key messages that you want to communicate to your audience, there can be a temptation to include it all. But when it comes to websites and online campaigns, often less is more. But how do you choose what to include and how to present it? At Absolute we spend time planning your digital campaign, putting all of the insights that have been collected during our research and workshops to the best possible use – making sure that your target audience is engaging with your brand online.

We look at the best ways to arrange and prioritise your content within a structured information architecture, determine how to make the user journey as seamless as possible and discover new ways to improve the user experience. With all of our planning and decision making backed up by our extensive research and insights, you’ll always know why we’re making our recommendations and what the end result will achieve for you.

User testing the website
because usability matters

While all of our research allows us to start off on the right foot, we don’t stop there. In order to ensure we continue to guide you down the correct path we like to carry out user testing, including our user experience workshops. This should be an iterative process throughout a digital project; ironing out a usability concern that’s been identified at wireframe stage is easier and more cost-effective than if it were only raised once the build was completed.

No two users are the same, but trends and tendencies can be identified in user groups with similar demographics and interests. A user-centred design process that involves usability testing provides evidence that those aspects, which are critical to your website’s success, work well for the unique characteristics of your particular audience, as identified in our research.

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