Search engine optimisation

Is getting people to your website a science or an art? At Absolute we believe it’s both. When it comes to search engine optimisation – that is, helping your website become more visible and attractive to the right users – we use a combination of analytical and technical know-how with creative content marketing and online PR.

SEO – Be seen, heard and found by the people you need the most

From optimising your website with the right keywords, phrases and metadata, through to securing the right endorsements on authoritative, third party websites, there are a number of ways to help your customers and potential customers find your website.

At Absolute, we won’t blind you with the science and jargon usually associated with search engine optimisation, or ‘SEO’. Our straightforward approach is built on the creation and implementation of SEO strategy and planning, using tactics we know will work to help your site stand out loud and proud from the deluge of other online platforms.

Our team of creatives and communications specialists, who are experts in words, pictures and videos, will develop content marketing and online PR campaigns which will help push your site above the rest.

By staying on top of recent SEO developments, with ongoing digital and analytics, we monitor and track the success of your SEO campaign and continuously adapt your strategy, plan and tactics to reflect the changing landscape and ensure you stay on top – time and time again.

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