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As an agency, we have years of experience in web design. And that's why we know how important it is to make sure your website stays up to date as technology, and the way we use it, continues to evolve. We understand it can be a daunting task to find the right agency to design a website for you. At Absolute, we cover all parts of the process from wireframing, through concept creation and art direction, to template design and AB testing.

User friendly websites
designed for your audience

Of course, first and foremost, your website has to be user friendly. Our web design team have great experience in a wide range of sectors including sport, retail, education and tourism, as well as having the benefit of all the great insights found through our high quality digital research. All of this amounts to a unique, on-brand website design that will provide a great user experience tailored to meet the needs and wants of your visitors, allowing them to find useful and relevant information, reach important calls to action and achieve key goals. We leave no stone unturned in making these actions as easy as possible; creating user stories to consider things as your users see them, comparing navigation patterns to find the one most suited to your content, mapping out different user journeys and simplifying decision points to keep your users from feeling overwhelmed or lost. This stage in our research-driven design process will usually involve the production of wireframes to help visualise how the above translates onto a webpage.

Responsive web design
means mobile friendly

It’s a given that any website we design will be responsive across all platforms – whether desktop, mobile or tablet – to make sure all users get the best experience and impression of your business, regardless of the device they’re using. A responsive website is a must-have now with more and more devices hitting the market and with the mobile audience growing rapidly year on year, to the point where it now exceeds desktop traffic. Google have openly endorsed responsive web design and said they strongly favour websites that are mobile friendly when returning search results when that search has been made on mobile. Our mobile first approach ensures your website is mobile friendly from the outset, before we start scaling up to utilise the additional real-estate available as devices get larger and screen sizes increase, ensuring a consistent and rich experience throughout. A responsive website design is a much more future-proof investment as by nature it is all-inclusive, a trait that should effectively prepare the website for the release of new devices.

Website personalisation,
engage with your audience

And better still, we’re doing some pretty cool work with personalised websites. It’s not enough for your website to speak to the masses – it needs to speak to individuals. So if you want to engage more effectively with your different target audiences – depending on who they are, where they’re based and what they’re looking for – we can help. Personalisation can be particularly effective on an ecommerce website and is already a common feature for most leading retailers, but these principles can be applied to other websites too. Using a number of web development techniques such as geolocation, behavioural pattern detection, and data capture through user profiles or mailing list subscriptions, you can find out a lot about your visitors. This information can be used to serve them more relevant, targeted content and calls to action – studies show that doing so can lead to improved conversions than non-targeted alternatives. Of course, in collecting this information there is an obligation to ensure it is used ethically and respect the privacy of your visitors – something we are able to guide you on so that you are comfortable in knowing your users will be left with a positive feeling towards your brand and the personal experience they received.

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