Delivering great custom chemistry. Through customer chemistry.

Founded in 1986, Incorez Ltd is an industry leading manufacturer of polyurethane and epoxy technology supplied globally to producers of coatings, adhesives and sealants.

Incorez is a client that has worked with Absolute over a number of years, and in that time they have utilised our fully integrated approach to marketing their business. The brand development we have collaborated on with Incorez, has not only had a positive effect on their prospective customers, it has also created cohesion from within their organisation. It is a true partnership between agency and client, and one that has produced great results for both teams.

Brand Development by Absolute

Personas and positioning

To help us gain a clearer understanding of a typical Incorez customer, we ran one of our Absolute Clarity workshops with the client. This is an important part of any project and allows us to create personas for a client's target audience, so that we can always refer back to them when creating any communication piece, and also to make sure it has more relevance to the customers we’re talking to.

What makes Incorez different is their ability to create bespoke products for their customers. Working from their innovation centre, they take a more personable approach by working with you to develop products to your exact requirements, rather than the generic off-the-shelf options that some of the larger companies produce. They call this ‘custom chemistry’ and it is their unique point of difference in the marketplace. We developed this further by highlighting that it is also ‘great customer chemistry’ that sets them apart from similar companies, and gives them clear space to operate in.

A brand building exercise

It was quite clear from the outset that the existing brand wasn’t working hard enough to communicate the companies unique position. Without changing the established identity, we set about developing brand assets around it, so that it sets Incorez apart from anyone in that sector. We introduced an additional colour palette to brighten the brand up and move it away from looking too corporate. We also changed the existing typography and brought in a stencil headline font that highlights the technical side of the business, in a more contemporary way. This was coupled with a complimentary text typeface to improve the legibility of information on all communications. And finally, to illustrate the fluid nature of the products, we created a dynamic graphic that gave us a flexible device to use across all brand collateral.

Brand awareness campaign

Great ideas are Absolute’s driving force, and Incorez are a great client to work with, because they’re open to creativity. With that in mind, we were commissioned to create a people focussed campaign that highlighted some of the companies unique selling points. We concepted, art directed and photographed a set of images that used a forced perspective style to communicate the benefits of working with Incorez. These were then implemented across a range of communication channels, from website banners to exhibition posters, to create a greater impact.

A company with personality

Through research, we discovered that many companies within this sector lack personality, and there is always a tendency to just show the end product. We wanted to break that repetition, so we decided to focus more on the people involved and the process of ‘custom chemistry’, which is just as important as the final application itself. We captured the very essence of the company, the staff performing their roles and the customers they work with, through photography. We also produced an essence video which even showed employees that may never be customer facing, but play a vital role in keeping the business moving.

Clear product communication

No matter how difficult a project may seem, our objective is always the same; cut through the clutter and bring much needed clarity to the subject matter, and when Incorez asked us to produce an animation for their Oxazolidines product, we did just that. We produced a piece that communicates the benefits of the product clearly to different audiences, no matter what role they played within their organisation or what technical knowledge they possessed, and we achieved this in a more creative and engaging way.

An online presence

Absolute’s approach to every project is typified with the creation of the new Incorez website. Our aim was to move away from convention in this sector and deliver a more engaging digital channel. We based the whole website on the fluidity of the product and the dynamic nature of Incorez, whilst maintaining and developing the brand tone-of-voice we had created. As always, we produced user stories before any designing had taken place, so that we could develop a really smooth user journey, which is key to delivering any great website. Through the use of animated parallax scrolling and subtle transitions we were able to create a flow through the content and a more intuitive navigation of pages with key signposting. This was all built and delivered through our very own Absolute Control CMS, to give the client greater control of content creation and management. So, you could say; ‘a custom website fit for a custom chemistry client’.