Swifty Scooters

Swifty Scooters

Swifty Scooters was founded by design duo Camilla and Jason Iftakhar in 2011. Their vision is rooted in a shared passion for human powered transport and a shared spirit of adventure. And over the past few years they have been designing and engineering some of the most beautifully crafted adult scooters around.

Swifty Scooters are designed to make you smile, they’re created with a belief that anyone can use them and literally ‘Go Anywhere’ on them. The larger wheel design lets you do that. It’s a brilliant feeling when you’re gliding around freely and that was Swifty’s creative brief to Absolute, ‘go and have some fun’.

On location photography to capture the attention to detail that goes into building a Swifty Scooter
Some of the scooter components captured during some product & pack photography
As the photoshoot is wrapped up, the end product is packed and ready to go

Designed & engineered in Manchester

The first task for Absolute was to photograph behind the scenes at their workshop in the heart of Manchester. This gave the guys at Swifty a bank of images to use on their website and in presentations which provide more insight into the hand-built scooter process while revealing some of the personalities of the people who bring these brilliant products to life.

A location photoshoot took the team all over Manchester's Northern Quarter
Guest rider Leon Coleman flew around Central Manchester on his Swifty while modelling the scooter during a photoshoot
Product and pack photography with the SwiftyZERO - Dark Teal and Silver

Pushing the boundaries

We always like a brave approach to our concepts and on this occasion we needed one of Swifty’s guest riders – Leon Coleman – to be the same on a Swifty Air as we wanted him to gain as much airtime on his ride as possible in order to get the shot for the main campaign image. Leon didn’t fail to deliver and we managed to capture the real essence of this scooter.

The other aspect of our outdoor photography was to capture the scoot commute usage of the Swifty Zero and the Swifty One fold-away scooters. We took the guest riders out onto the streets of Manchester and captured some cool lifestyle photography whilst bringing the ‘Go Anywhere’ positioning to life.

The posters we created for Swifty Scooters picked up Gold at the Fresh Awards 2015
On the back of these successes, Absolute took on the Swifty Scooters website and are now running an SEO audit

Emotion in motion

Nothing brings the product more to life than in video. We’re currently in the process of doing just that for Swifty Scooters as we work on a variety of motion projects, from Kickstarter videos to product essence films. Here is just a taster of what’s to come.