Absolute Allsorts

fiona hutchings internship story

When back at university you’re continuously encouraged to ‘be more like a sponge’, to soak up any advice and inspiration you find, keeping up with whatever the design industry is doing. Now more than ever am I beginning to realise how important this advice is. Working with the team at Absolute I’ve been soaking up all the design wisdom that I’ve been given. I’ve also discovered there’s a whole different way of thinking in design that I will take back to University for my final year.

I think every internship is designed to test you. After all, that’s how you are going to learn. No matter how scary it sounded, I knew I needed to get out of my comfort zone and face something new. Aside from being challenged with making my first and last crap cup of coffee whilst being at Absolute (I put instant coffee in the cafetiere, scandal!) I think I coped with the stuff that counts. Working on the Absolute Christmas card, web designs for a printer, art directing a photoshoot and creating paint typography. I even surprised myself on some instances.

It’s been a varied placement with Absolute. If I were to describe my experience I would probably compare it to Liquorice Allsorts? I could be doing anything from standing on Morrisons roof in Bolton on a rainy, grim Friday afternoon for a shoot, to drawing breasts and balls for a brochure the next. Being in an integrated agency like Absolute has given me a broader knowledge of how an agency needs creativity and great ideas behind them at all times and it’s been a pleasure to work amongst a talented team with plenty of creative skill and experience behind them.

I’ve really enjoyed my time with the team at Absolute and will remember it as one of my first internships I’ve learnt the most from.


creative intern fiona hutchings