In-Store point of sale, what does the future hold?

In store POS in the past typically described how a store looked, where certain items were positioned, creating aesthetically pleasing window displays etc. However, with the digital revolution on our doorstep, it would seem that some stores are taking this to the next level. Some brands are now using ingenious in-store digital channels to interact with their customers, making shopping easier, and much more fun!

Take Adidas for example. Personally, I have always liked their branding, and more so, the digital applications which they build online. The question is, does this translate as well in store? Well, having visited one of their flagship stores recently, the simple answer is yes. Adidas have been really pushing the boundaries of digital innovation and bringing their expertise in-store, and the great thing about it is, it isn’t just aimed at selling their products, but it’s aimed at making the whole shopping experience just that bit better.

The storefront window gives passers by the opportunity to see what’s in store without even entering the shop. Users touch hotspots on the window to interact with the mannequins to show the product price and details or view life sized products. If you decide you like the products then you can scan a QR code and add the products into your personal shopping bag.

As if that wasn’t enough, they then continue this interactive experience inside. Customers in the changing room are presented with suggested items to match the product they took in with them, along with more information on the products. Also using the interactive mirror, you can then share your new outfit on social media to see what your friends think!

Adidas have always been at the top of the game when it comes to innovative ideas, so it’s no surprise that they have taken this route, but who else is doing it?

Burberry have installed some great interactive technology in their London flagship store. Their mirrors double up as video screens, and using radio-frequency identification technology, the mirror recognises the product which a customer has taken into the changing rooms, and plays the relevant catwalk video.

Surprisingly, it’s not just high end fashion brands who have adopted this digital way of thinking, Tesco have now started to bring in touchscreens around their stores and interactive mirrors in their clothes departments. In the clothing section, they have installed mirrors which allow children to see themselves in clothes, just by selecting it on screen! Very handy for parents!

All of these features above are a great way to make the in store shopping experience much more fun and easy, but more importantly, they also play a crucial part in selling the products. An increasing number of retailers are now bringing technology into store, and personally, I’m really excited to see what ideas they are going to bring to my shopping experience.